Garden Fountains

Most outdoor fountains are connected to a home's water supply. These fountains have a continuous supply of water so as long as the water is turned on, they won't go dry.Generally, fountains that can be filled with a hose use a pump that re-circulates water through the fountain on a continuous basis.Frequently turning the fountain on and off isn't good for the pump and should be avoided. Keep your new fountain running all of the time for optimal performance and functionality.

How to decorate an outdoor fountain

  1. Surround It. Creating a decorative bed around your fountain is one of the easiest ways to dress it up
  2. Add Color. If your stone or concrete fountain is starting to look drab, adding color freshens it up
  3. Pair With Greenery. Pairing your fountain with plants helps dress it up
  4. Float Ornaments

What to do with a water fountain

If your fountain splashes a lot of water around, use plants that like moist soil. Ivies, ferns, creeping Jenny, Japanese iris, spiderwort and marsh marigolds are good choices. (If the water tends to pool on the ground, work some organic matter or compost into the soil to improve drainage.)